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Broccoli sprout TRUBADUR

Mid-ripening variety with a high nutritional value, cold-tolerance and high-yielding

Trubadur - Mid-ripening variety. The period from sprouting to industrial ripeness is 100-110 days. Mid-sized plant with many side buttons. Domical-shaped medium-sized heads weight 250-400 g. They are green, firm and don't covered. After cutting of central head, small side buttons(5-7) grow fast in 7-9 days they weight 70-90 g. Variety is characterized by cold-tolerance, high-yielding (12-30 t/ha) and nutritional value. It is possible to grow broccoli through seedling or sowing in an open ground. For seedling seeds should be sown from the middle of March to the end of May with interval of 10-20 days. Planting out should be started in the end of April and in the end of June in the plastic cover.

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