Cabbage Flamingo

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Cauliflower FLAMINGO

Mid-ripening variety with high marketability, yielding and eating qualities

Flamingo - Mid-ripening variety. The period from transplanting to industrial ripeness is 120-130 days. Strong plant, during the heads forming leaves cover button from the sun. Big, firm round-shaped heads weight 1,5-2,3 kg. Warty white skin. Variety Flamingo is characterized by cold-tolerance and response to irrigation. It has high marketability, yielding (40-55 t/ha) eating and shipping qualities. The fruits can be used for fresh, frozen consumption or processing. It is possible to grow both by seedling and sowing in an open ground. Recommended plant population is 25-35 thousand plants per hectare. Harvesting of cauliflower should be started in the period of growing so time for harvesting should be limited. The period of storage of this variety is 4-6 weeks. Leaves shouldn't be cut during the harvesting. The best conditions for cauliflower storage is temperature of 0..+1 0C and air humidity more than 95%.