Cabbage Perlyna F1

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 Late-ripening cabbage PERLYNA F1

 Storage, high-yielding, excellent eating qualities and marketability

 Perlyna F1 - Late-ripening hybrid,the period from transplanting to harvesting is 125-135 days. Round-shaped heads have very high density, do not dehisce, have green coloring but in a cross section they are white, inner core is not big. Average weight of the heads is 3-4,5 kg. The yield is 80-110 tons per hectare. This hybrid is characterized by strong resistance to all diseases as during transplanting and during storage. It is suitable for long storage (7-9 months) and even after that has changeless external view and eating qualities. Can be consumed both fresh and pickling cabbages. The age of seedling must be no more than 30-35 days or it can be sowed in open ground. Prick in plants by using band planting and the follow scheme 90+50 x 45 cm, it consists 35-40 thousand plants per hectare.

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