Cabbage Hileia F1

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 Mid-ripening cabbage HILEIA F1 

Mid-ripening, excellent eating qualities, simultaneous ripening, high vendibility

Hileia F1 - Mid season hybrid. It is suitable for fresh consumption, pickling and for short storage (2-3 month). The period from transplanting to harvesting is 70-80 days. Plants have horizontally disposed leaf rosette. Round-shaped heads do not dehisce, outside leaves are green but in a cross section they are white. Heads are in average between 3-4 kg. Inside and outside core are short. Heads are very firm. Yield is 90-100 t/ha. Hybrid is resistant to fusarium blight (yellows). It is highly-prized for its yield, simultaneous ripening and excellent eating qualities. Stoking density compounds 30-35 thousand plants per hectare. It is recommended to grow it twice per year by using 30-40 days plants and the following scheme 70+50 x 45 cm (drop irrigation).