Cabbage Vivat F1

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 Mid-ripening cabbage VIVAT F1

High-yielding, flashy, multipurpose

Vivat F1 - Mid-season hybrid. The period from transplanting to harvesting is 100-110 days. Flat-round shaped heads are firm and resistant to dehiscence, with a short inner core they can weight between 3-4,5 kg, external leaves are green but in a cross section they are white, excellent eating qualities. Cabbage density is 5.0. It has big leaf rosette. It is characterized by high yield (80-100 t/ha) and simultaneous ripening. It is resistant to the main cabbage's diseases. It is recommended to grow as by seedlings and by sowing in open ground. The age of seedling must be no more than 30-35 days as at this age plants take root easier. It is recommended to bed out plants in the next scheme 90+50 x40cm. Hybrid is suitable for fresh consumption in the late Autumn , pickling and for storage till March (commercial yield after 4 month of storage -75%).