Garden carrot


Motherland of carrot is Western Asia. It came from wild carrot that was very popular in Mediterranean and in the North part of Europe and Asia. As a garden carrot it appeared in first thousand of AD. In 14-15 century it became very popular in Europe. In Ukraine garden carrot is one of the most important vegetable. It is grown outdoor in all regions. Beet-roots contain 5-10 mg % of ascorbic acid, 3-30 mg of carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, PP, 5-10 % of saccharose ( in best variety 12%), many micro-elements and mineral salt. Orange-red carrot-root has a special value as it contains high amount of carotene and beneficial combination of vitamins and mineral salts. Carrot is useful as fresh one, it can be conserved or dried. Leaves can also be used for cooking ( in soups, souses). Fruits also can be used as condiments for different dishes, marinads, in alcoholic beverage industry, for fish preparation.

A little information from botany: carrot is two-year-old-plant that forms leaf rosette in the first year and gives seeds on the second one.