Cucumber Nasko №104 F1

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Parthenocarpic cucumber NASKO 104 F1

Parthenocarpic hybrid with a high-yielding qualities for open ground and green-houses

Nasko №104 F1 - Early-ripening (the period from sprouting to harvesting 42-45 days) parthenocarpic hybrid (self-fertile) is suitable for growing in green-houses and open ground. Indeterminate plant type. Mid-growing cucumber with mid-sized lamina, all-female flowers variety with a high parthenocarphy. Button with a mid warty dark-green white-spined skin is in the length of 8-13 cm. Length ration: (diameter – 3,1:1). Excellent marketability and eating qualities. It has resistance to downy mildew. It is recommended to grow in the spring-summer and summer-autumn period both in an open ground and in green-houses. The yield in the open ground is 8 kg/m2 in a green-houses is 12-15 kg/m2. It can be sown both in open ground or through seedling (pot plants or container seedling).