Eggplant Othello F1

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Eggplant OTHELLO F1

Early-ripening, high-yielding with a great eating qualities

Othello F1 - Early-ripening eggplant's hybrid. The period from transplanting to harvesting is 50-55 days. Compact plant in a height of 40-60 cm. Cylindrical-shaped fruits have vernicose dark-violet coloring in a length of 15-18 cm. Flesh of fruits is firm, light with excellent eating qualities without bitterness. Seed pocket takes one third part of fruit. They don't form seeds for a long time in this way they increase its marketability. Yield is 60 t/ha and more. This hybrid is characterized by heat resistant and continuous fruit formation, 10-12 fruits in industrial maturity. It has good shipping qualities and resistance to fruit's aging. Regular harvesting in every 5-7 days continues the vegetational period and makes possible yield increasing. Recommended planting system with using sprinkler irrigation is 40x50 cm, 60x50 cm and with using drop irrigation is 90+50 x 27-30 cm. 

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