Basil Estruk

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Flavor with curative properties

Estruk - Variety of violet basil. Annual warm-season spicy plant in the height of 40-60 cm. Leaves and young shoots have flavor anise-clove odor and a little bitter taste, contain 1.0-1,5 essential oil. It is source of vitamins, carotene, mineral salt and physiologically active substance. It is great spice for soup, salad, meet and vegetable meals. It is sown in an open ground (simultaneously with warm-season spices) by using the next scheme: 70x15 cm, 50x40 cm, 50x25 cm, 35x35 cm. By using drop irrigation the next scheme is appropriate 90+50x20 cm. In the vegetational period young shoots are cut 2-3 times. Leaves and young shoots can be used fresh or dried. It can be applied in medicine as digestion or as anti-inflammatory agent. It has bactericidal effect. Young shoots need to be dried in shadow and kept in closed dark dishes.

Basil Badioryi

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Flavor with curative properties

Badioryi - Warm-season much-brunched crop with a tetraquetrous stalk in the height of 30-60 cm. Leaves has longish ovoid shape, they are green and in the length of 5,5 cm. They choose solar wind-proof places for basil growing. It is grown though seedling or sowing in an open ground. It propagates by seeds. In the growing period stirring, irrigating and feeding up are needed. In the vegetational period stalks and leaves are cut twice. By taking into account growing particularities and concentration of useful materials it is better to harvest basil in flowering period. It can be used in cooking or perfume manufacturing. It can be grown in room conditions.

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