Broad-leaved sorrel Nasko №734

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Broad-leaved sorrel NASKO №734

High-yielding variety of sorrel with excellent quality and taste

Broad-leaved sorrel Nasko №734 - Is cold-tolerant plant. It winters well with snow cover and low temperatures. Young leaves contain a lot of vitamins, mineral salt and organic acid. Large leaf rosette with tender, crispy leaves that have slightly acid flavor. This variety grows well in the conditions of half-shade. Sorrel can grow at one place 3-4 years and then the yield of sorrel will decrease. To receive high yield of early sorrel it is needed to use fertile moisty soil but without water stagnation, clear from weeds especially wheat grass soil. It can be sown several times per year, in early spring, in summer and in autumn for under-winter products. In spring you can sow it as soon as soil is ready. With early sowing you can receive the harvest at the same year. In summer it is sown in June-July after harvesting of early-ripening vegetables (radish, lettuce, onion for greens). After summer sowing sorrel Nasko №734 has enough time to grow strong for winter and give high yield in the next spring. Under-winter sowing starts in late autumn (October-November) that seeds don't sprout till frost. Under-winter sowing gives harvest in the next year. Sowing spacing should be 25 cm. Seed application rate is 0,3 g per 1 m (1,5-2 g per m2) and the depth 1-2 cm. The harvest starts after forming 4-5 leaves. Leaves are cut by knife at the height 3-4 cm from ground. The harvest is started from beginning of May to July. At this period you can make 3-4 harvest. The last harvest should be made one month before frost. An average harvest is 1,5 – kg/m2.

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