Marrow Sadko F1

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Marrow SADKO F1

Cold-tolerance, excellent eating qualities

Sadko F1 - One of the most early-ripening hybrid, the period from sprouting to harvesting 40-45 days. Bunchy climbing plant. Longish-cylindrical fruit, they are smooth, a little ribby near the fruit-stalk. They have light-green or whitish coloring in the industrial ripeness. The flesh is white and firm. Excellent marketability and eating qualities. The recommended fruit weight for storage is 300-600 g. The yield is 70-90 t/ha. Recommended plant population is 24-25 thousand plants per hectare. It bears fruits even during sharp temperature changes. It is relatively stable to melons and gourds diseases. It is recommended for receiving early fruits in green-houses or in an open ground. To receive better yield organic fertilization and irrigation is recommended.

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