Zucchini Zolotinka

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Early-ripening, bunchy variety of yellow-fruited zucchini with excellent eating qualities

Zolotinka - Early-ripening variety that gives fruits on the 45-50 days. Fruits are in the length of 10 cm and suitable for conserving. Eating qualities are the same as cucumber has. Zucchini of variety Zolotinka is a variety type of marrow that has tenderer taste and ability for long storage. It can be sown direct in soil, through seedling (potted or container seedling). In the raining period you should take off the rest petals of flower-crown as it can be a source of rotting. Thanks to low-calorie features Zolotinka is irreplaceable vegetable for overweight people. Fruits contain specific ferments that encourage proteins become liquid, that is very important for those who have liver illness. The yield of early-ripening zucchini Zolotinka is 60-90 t/ha.

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