Pepper Hadad F1

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Pepper hybrid HADAD F1

Early-ripening, large-fruited hybrid of sweet pepper with excellent eating and marketability qualities

Hadad F1 - Early-ripening hybrid of sweet pepper. The period from transplanting to industrial ripeness is 55-60 days, to biological ripeness is 70-75 days. Determinate plant type, strong, mid-growing, strongly foliate. Medium-sized smooth fruits have conical shape, the wall thickness of 5-7 mm, weight 110-120 g. In the vegetational period you can harvest from 1,8 to 2,0 kg from plant. In the technical maturity pepper is light-green and in biological it is red. Fruits of pepper Hadad F1 have excellent eating and marketability qualities. Variety is characterized by heat-tolerance and drought resistance. Hybrid is resistant to rottenness, fusarium blight and vascular disease. It is grown through seedling. For outdoor planting the following scheme is used (90+50) x 25-29 cm (50-55 thousand plants per hectare). The yield is 55-75 t/ha. It is suitable for under cover or outdoors growing. Fruits of Hadad F1 can be used for fresh consumption or for processing.