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Pumpkin Novynka

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High content of sugar and vitamins

Novynka - Mid-ripening variety of musky gourd (in the type of calabash gourd) . Vegetational period (from sprouting to harvesting) is 110-115 days. It can be grown both with or without irrigation. High-climbing plant-type. In the vegetational period the top of the plant need to be nipped. Longish-cylindrical fruit with widening near flowers, they are orange with a pink tint. An average weight is 3-5 kg. Pumpkin seeds are just in widening part of the fruit. Orange mid-firmed flesh is sweet and juicy. The yield is 50-70 t/ha. It is characterized by high shipping and storage qualities (6-8 month). Fruits contain 10,0-11,5 % of dry basis, 9,0-10,0 % saccharose, 8,5 mg % of vitamin C, 140 mg % of carotene. It is used for conserving, or consumed as fresh one. Variety gained popularity at the plant that deals with children nutrition. This variety is used for cooking baby puree. Generally pumpkin is grown in open ground . Variety is drought-resistant. It is recommended to grow Novynka in all regions.

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