Daikon (sweet radish) Gulliver

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High eating and dietary qualities

Gulliver - Mid-ripening radish variety. The period from sprouting to harvesting is 35-50 days. Radish-root has cylindrical-coned shape, it is smooth, white and weight 200-300 g. Flesh is white, firm, juicy with a sweetish (without flavor) taste. It is easy to pick out radish-root. This variety is cold-tolerant and suitable to sow both in an open ground or under cover. It is characterized by high yield (60-70 t/ha) and marketability. Radish-root can be consumed as a fresh, boiled or salted one. Unpretentious plant can be grown at the different soil types but the best yield you can get from light hearty soils. The best time for sowing is the beginning of the July.