winter onion

Winter onion Korsar

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Winter-onion KORSAR

Productive, resistant to bolting, tolerant to low temperature

Korsar - Variety of winter onion has a short-day character is used for autumn sowing. It is suitable for obtaining the earliest bunching products and bulbs. Medium-sized, flat round-shaped bulbs weight 120-160 g. External skin is violet and dark-violet and internal is juicy, white with violent tint. Bulbs have sweetish mid-flavor taste. The yield is differ from 25 to 70 t/ha( depends on weather and growing conditions ). This variety has tolerance to low temperature and good regrowth quality after the winter. The main difference from other varieties is resistance to bolting and productivity.

  • Under winter sowing – the middle of August - the middle of September
  • Spring sowing - the middle of March- the middle of May
  • Harvesting - the end of May - the middle of June

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