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Bulb onion


  • Bulb onion Allium cepa
  • Lily family (Alliaceae)

Bulb onion - is perennial plant ( two-year-old plant).

  • Bulb in diameter is 15 cm, it is filmy. Internal skin is dry, yellow, but sometimes violet or white, internal skin is fleshy, white, greenish or violet are situated on shorten stalk where on the fleshy skin situated sprouts that gives the beginning for new bulbs.
  • Leaves  are bluish-green. Flower bolt can be in a height of 1,5 cm, that ends with umbel.
  • Flowers  are situated on long flower-stalks. Flower envelope has greenish-white colour, in diameter it is 1 cm. It has 6 petals, 6 stamens, pistil with three-celled ovary. Sometimes inflorescence except flowers has little bulbs.
  • Fruit  is capsule contains 6 seeds.
  • Seeds  are green, small, ribby, wrinkled. It bears blossom in June-July. Fruits ripe in August.

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