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High-yielding, excellent marketability, eating and shipping qualities

Forum - Mid-ripening variety of bulb onion for long storage (6-8 month). Vegetational period is 110-120 days. Dark-green leaves with a bloom wax that helps increasing resistance to diseases. Round-shaped firm bulbs narrow at the top have brown bronzed coloring and weight 100-170 g. Bulbs are one third above the ground. Dry skin is firm and protects onion well in the period of storage. Inner skin is thick, juicy and crisp. It is characterized by chilly taste and all-purpose qualities. It is recommended to grow through sowing in a soil or transplanting ( sowing in the drawer). Plant population for hectare is 0,8-1.0 million. It is recommended to use 8-6 gutter sowing during drop irrigation. This variety is high-yielding 45-70 t/ha.

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