Tomato Yana

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Tomato YANA

Ultra-early ripening, high-yielding, excellent shipping qualities

Yana - Ultra-early ripening variety with simultaneous fruiting. The period from sprouting to the beginning of fruiting is 80-90 days (by using seedling planting). Determinate plant type. There is no need for pinching. The height of main stalk is 40-60 cm. Fruits are firm, big, smooth, they have round shape and bright red colour without green spot near fruit-stalk. They have resistance to dehiscence in different weather conditions, excellent shipping and storage qualities. The average weight is 80-90 g. Good taste, the yield is 80-100 t/ha. It has disease resistance. It can be grown through seedling or sowing. To receive earlier products it is recommended to use 60-65 days seedling. Planting system depends on the irrigation system and soil type. Recommended planting system with using drop irrigation is 120+60x33 cm or 130+50x35 cm (distance between dropping tubes is 1,8 m, line width is 60 cm). The amount of plants in this scheme is 33-35 thousand plants per hectare.

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