Cabbage Akvarel

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Cauliflower AKVAREL

Early-ripening variety with high marketability, yielding and eating qualities

Akvarel - Early-ripening variety. The period from transplanting to industrial ripeness is 75-80 days. Medium-compact plant. Round-flat heads, they are big, firm and weight 0,9-1,2. Warty white skin. The yield of this variety is 35-45 t/ha. variety is characterized by simultaneous fruit ripening, heat and cold-tolerance. Excellent marketability and eating qualities. It is suitable for growing in an open ground in the spring-summer and summer-autumn period. The fruits can be used for fresh, frozen consumption or processing. It is possible to grow both by seedling and sowing in an open ground. Recommended plant population is 30-35 thousand plants per hectare.

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